Thumbprint Tree Ornaments - #DIY 🎄

How fun is this activity to do with your littles that can be gifted to friends and family that will be enjoyed for years to come?! Very versatile as well - handprints, foot or different cookie cutter shapes! To preserve, the ornaments should be kept in a dry space avoiding any contact with water. You can seal with modge podge for extra protection!

Directions right below, more pictures after. SUPPLIES

- White air dry clay - Ink pads various colors - Rolling pin - Silicone baking mat or parchment paper - Tree cookie cutter - String or ribbon MAKE

Plan for this to be a 2 day project. DAY 1 1. Roll out your clay to roughly 1/4" thickness on your silicone baking mat or parchment paper (the mat worked perfectly as the paper moves while you roll 🙄). I had a 5lb tub of clay and grabbed a large chunk, probably about a pounds worth. This made 6 tree ornaments. 2. Cut your trees using your cookie cutter, leaving them in place. Don't forget to cut a hole for twine to hang (I used a plastic straw). 3. Time to leave your fingerprints by pressing a finger into the clay (have fun assisting your little one!) 4. Carefully remove the excess clay around the trees and let the ornaments dry for 36-72 hours. They'll turn more white the dryer they are. DAY 2 1. Using different colors (or whatever color scheme you prefer!) of ink, use your finger again to indent with ink applied. 2. Leave as is for a clean, ornament look OR use a fine point black, silver or gold sharpie to draw connecting strings to resemble Christmas tree lights. 3. Write the year on the tree truck. I also wrote my sons name on the back as he did all the fingerprints and is gifting these to grandparents ♥️ 4. Last but not least, add your string or ribbon to be able to hang off the Christmas tree for years to come!


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